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MetaData for ODFW Sage Grouse Action Areas

ODFW Sage Grouse Action Areas

Identification Information
Originator: Autumn Larkins, then Acting Sage-Grouse Conservation Coordinator
Publish Date: 3/22/2012
Online Link: None
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Name: Lee Foster
Job Position: Sage-Grouse Conservation Coordinator
Telephone: 541-573-6582
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: A review of the Department’s Core Area and Conservation Opportunity maps was utilized to identify Action Areas that share common threats to sage-grouse. These Action Areas will help to focus efforts for future habitat management actions and/or mitigation needs. Each Local Implementation Team (LIT) identified multiple Action Areas within their districts. The descriptions of threats and issues for each Action Area can be found in the meeting minutes for each LIT on ODFW’s website.

Purpose: To identify Action Areas that share common threats to sage-grouse

Time Period of Content: Nov-Dec 2011
Geographic Extent: Eastern Oregon
Status: Draft
Use Constraints:
Format: PDF maps

Data Quality Information

Data Information
No data information was supplied.

Entity and Attribute Information
Attributes Description: Action Area Names

File Name File Type Category File Uploaded File Description
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_Areas_22Mar2012.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 3:12:59 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_Areas_Andrews_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 3:39:07 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_Areas_Baker_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 3:45:38 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_Areas_Deschutes_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 3:48:43 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_areas_Jordan_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 3:53:45 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_areas_Malheur_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 4:04:53 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_Areas_N_Lakeview_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 3:57:42 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_Areas_S_Lakeview_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 4:01:50 PM
ODFW_Sagegrouse_Action_Areas_Three_Rivers_RA.pdf Graphics File 3/22/2012 4:09:02 PM

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