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MetaData for Neacoxie Watershed

Neacoxie Watershed

Identification Information
Originator: North Coast Land Conservancy
Publish Date: Febuary 2013
Online Link: None
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
Name: Troy Wirth
Job Position: GIS and Technology Specialist
Telephone: 541-986-0037
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: Previously, little information was known about the ecology or the condition of native habitats in the Neacoxie sub-watershed that drains from the city of Warrenton into the north section of the Necanicum Estuary in the city of Seaside. In 2002, the Necanicum Watershed Council completed an assessment for the Necanicum River watershed, but with major knowledge gaps for the Neacoxie watershed, which includes the Neacoxie Creek corridor and the Clatsop Plains. In order for the North Coast Land Conservancy (NCLC) and other land managers to develop stewardship priorities and to make informed decisions about land management actions in this region, additional information was required. Together with the Necanicum Watershed Council and the North Coast Watershed Association, NCLC secured funding to conduct habitat inventories of the Neacoxie watershed. The Neacoxie Watershed Assessment summarizes the results of terrestrial plant transects and aquatic plant surveys completed in the summer of 2011 on ten properties owned by the North Coast Land Conservancy (NCLC) in the Neacoxie Creek watershed (please refer to Appendices A & B). Habitat types include stabilized sand dunes dominated by coastal prairie habitat, interdunal wetland swales and lakes, upland Sitka spruce forest, and forested wetlands. Percent composition of each plant community type observed was calculated. Invasive non-native plant species were recorded. Surveys were also conducted for both native and non-native plants in four water bodies owned by NCLC or adjacent to land trust properties. The plant community data that were collected will be used to evaluate baseline ecological conditions in the Neacoxie watershed. Plant communities can be used as indicators of long-term tidal and hydrologic conditions as well as the ecological health of the landscape. Repeated measurements can be used to assess community changes over time and to assess how plant community composition compares to that described for natural conditions. This information will assist the land trust in making science-based stewardship decisions on its properties, and can be used by other landowners to better understand changes occurring in plant communities in similar habitats on their properties as a result of human disturbance (e.g., land development, farming, grazing) and invasion by non-native plants.


Time Period of Content:
Geographic Extent: Neacoxie watershed, Oregon
Status: Final
Use Constraints:
Format: pdf

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Data Information
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Neacoxie Watershed Assessment_Final Report_Jan.2013.pdf Document File 7/25/2014 1:09:18 PM

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