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MetaData for Vector Control - Wetlands of Concern

Vector Control - Wetlands of Concern

Identification Information
Originator: Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center & The Wetlands Conservancy
Publish Date: 8/12/2014
Online Link: None
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Name: Danette Faucera
Job Position: Water Policy Coordinator
Telephone: 503-947-6092
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: The Wetlands of Concern dataset represents one type of “sensitive area” for the purpose of reviewing and approving Pesticide Use Plans per ODFW's obligations under ORS 452.140 and ORS 452.245. ODFW will only make recommendations for mosquito control treatment protocols on sensitive areas, as identified in ODFW's Vector Control Guidance for Sensitive Areas ( or confirmed by the local fish and wildlife biologists utilizing the guidelines in the document. In general, a sensitive area is any area where fish and wildlife and their habitats are rare or of local importance due to their special nature or role in the ecosystem. Species-specific and location-specific details are not maintained in this dataset. This dataset is derived from the Oregon Wetlands Cover. The Oregon Wetlands Cover is a key component of the Oregon Wetland Explorer data portal (, and is intended to (1) serve as a framework for storing and disseminating information on the state's wetlands, and (2) promote comprehensive monitoring, assessment, conservation, and restoration of Oregon's wetlands. Wetlands with a Total Conservation Significance score of 70 and above were included in this dataset for the purpose of identifying wetlands of concern for vector control purposes.

Purpose: For vector control purposes, ODFW identified wetland types that have a greater conservation concern or are naturally rare. ODFW understands that VCDs treat all wetlands with care and has identified a subset of wetlands across the State to receive an additional level of consideration when being treated for mosquitoes. ODFW relied on the Department of State Lands’ (DSL) definition of Wetlands of Conservation Concern (Appendix E in ODFW's Vector Control Guidance for Sensitive Areas) as well as a selection of wetlands with high conservation significance, as identified by the Wetland Restoration Planning Tool on the Oregon Wetlands Explorer. This tool was jointly developed by The Wetlands Conservancy and the Institute for Natural Resources. Wetlands with high conservation significance are those identified with the highest conservation value scores, as determined by the Wetland Restoration Planning Tool. The tool scores wetlands for their current conservation value, summarizing geospatial factors such as: - Proximity (100 ft.) to DSL-designated Essential Salmonid Habitat. - Occurrence in or 100-ft proximity to USFWS-designated Critical Habitat or within known habitat of USFWS or ODFW-listed or sensitive wetland-dependent species. - Within or adjacent to designated critical habitat and modeled habitat for USFWS or ODFW-listed species. - Proximity (300 ft) to a hot spring. - Occurrence in an ODFW-designated Conservation Opportunity Area with wetlands or riparian areas designated as a key habitat. - Occurrence in DSL-designated Wetland of Conservation Concern (formerly Special Area of Concern, SAC). As a starting point in mapping Wetlands of Concern, ODFW chose a subset of wetlands mapped in the Wetland Explorer with a conservation significance of =70. ODFW also removed a category identified as "Potentially Restorable Wetlands". Source wetland data can be accessed at: As this may not be a real-time list, each County or VCD is responsible for protecting locations covered by federal laws (e.g., raptor nests) that may not be listed by ODFW, should a federally-regulated site be encountered.

Time Period of Content: 2014
Geographic Extent: Oregon
Status: Final
Use Constraints: The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends any vector control treatments on Wetlands of Concern follow the guidance outlined in "ODFW's Vector Control Guidance for Sensitive Areas".
Format: Shapefile

Data Quality Information
Lineage-Source: This dataset was derived from the Oregon Wetlands cover, and subset out wetland features with a total conservation score of 70 or greater.

Data Information
No data information was supplied.

Entity and Attribute Information
Attributes Description: Field attribute information is available in the database table field descriptions.

Is a physical copy maintained for reference at Headquarters? Unknown

File Name File Type Category File Uploaded File Description GIS Data File 8/13/2014 9:29:28 AM

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