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MetaData for ODFW Coastal Juvenile Coho Survey Site Summary 1998-2004

ODFW Coastal Juvenile Coho Survey Site Summary 1998-2004

Identification Information
Originator: David Jepsen, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Western Oregon Rearing Project, Corvallis, OR
Publish Date: Jan 7, 2005
Online Link: None
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Name: David B. Jepsen
Job Position: Research Project Leader
Telephone: (541) 757-4263 ext. 235
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: These are summary data of snorkeling and electrofishing surveys as part of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) began a project in 1998 to monitor juvenile coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in Oregon coastal streams. Sites are randomly selected using Environmental Mapping and Assessment Program (EMAP) protocol (Stevens and Olsen 1999). The EMAP site selection process is used to insure a spatially balanced and unbiased selection of sample sites in stream reaches for each monitoring area.

Purpose: The project is designed to monitor current status and long-term trends in abundance of juvenile coho in five coastal Gene Conservation Areas.

Time Period of Content: 1998-2004
Geographic Extent: Coastal Oregon streams (excluding Columbia R. Basin); for 1st - 3rd order tributary streams (within 1:100,000 digital stream network) at 40-50 one-KM long stream reaches each Monitoring Area each year, and 10-15 4th - 5th order streams
Status: Final
Use Constraints: Data provide an abundance index, using fish density and % occurrence metrics. At each site, counts are made of the number of juvenile coho. For density data, only pools with a high visibility rank and that were > 6 m2 in surface area and > 40 were used
Format: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Data Quality Information
Lineage-Source: Data are compiled from project databases. A Geographic Information System (GIS) incorporates a 1:100,000 digital stream network of coho rearing distribution to insure an unbiased and spatially balanced selection of sample sites across each GCA. Spatial data within the GIS are joined with fish and site survey data into Microsoft Access database as tables and queries. Queries combine calculations of density and fish counts with site parameters and geodata (lat, long). The data set was imported into the Excel spreadsheet.

Data Information
No data information was supplied.

Entity and Attribute Information
Attributes Description: Field attribute information is available in the database table field descriptions.

File Name File Type Category File Uploaded File Description
ODFW Coastal juvenile coho survey site summary 98-04_v2.xls Data File 1/7/2005 2:14:38 PM

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