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MetaData for Curry Watersheds Partnerships 2014 Spawning Surveys

Curry Watersheds Partnerships 2014 Spawning Surveys

Identification Information
Originator: South Coast Watershed Council and Lower Rogue Watershed Council
Publish Date: 3/2/18
Online Link: None
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Watershed Councils
Name: Matt Swanson
Job Position: Interim Coordinator - South Coast Watershed Council
Telephone: 541.373.0800
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: The Curry Watersheds Partnership (Curry SWCD and South Coast and Lower Rogue watershed councils) conducted salmon spawning surveys on 14 stream reaches in the winter of 2014-15. The surveys took place on small streams that have been the focus of past and/or planned restoration projects, primarily aimed at coho. These surveys are not typically covered by ODFW, and prior to the spawning season the Curry Watersheds Partnership coordinated with ODFW to ensure there was no duplication of effort.

Purpose: To develop baseline data, evaluate the effectiveness of projects, and/or assess instream habitat and water quality.

Time Period of Content: November 2014-January 2015
Geographic Extent: Streams were surveyed in the lower Rogue River and in the New River - Floras Creek watershed.
Status: Final
Use Constraints: None
Format: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Data Quality Information
Lineage-Source: The data was collected by Curry SWCD staff and contractors and entered into an Excel spreadsheet. Area Under the Curve estimates were not generated.

Data Information
Population Indicators Metrics
Floras Creek/New River Coho Natural origin spawner abundance Total spawners

Entity and Attribute Information
Attributes Description: Field attribute information is available in the attached file(s).

Is a physical copy maintained for reference at Headquarters? Unknown

File Name File Type Category File Uploaded File Description
Curry Watersheds Partnership_2014 Spawning Surveys.xls Data File 3/2/2018 3:01:58 PM Spawning survey data for 2014-15

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