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MetaData for Indian Creek Aquatic Restoration (OWEB #205-144)

Indian Creek Aquatic Restoration (OWEB #205-144)

Identification Information
Originator: Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation
Publish Date: 10/9/2006
Online Link: None
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation
Name: Paul Burns
Job Position: US Forest Service Technical Contact
Telephone: 541-902-6953
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: Like many streams in this area, these creeks have experienced considerable habitat degradation due to past land management practices that removed large wood from the channels. Without the large wood, spawning gravels have washed away leaving a mostly bedrock substrate. The down-cut stream is no longer connected to its former floodplain and fish have little refuge during high flows. Additionally, aquatic insect life, the basic food source for young salmonids, is limited without the diverse habitats formed by complexes of wood and gravel. Goals associated with this restoration proposal include: • Address limitation to anadromous fish production in Indian Creek tributaries o Enhance spawning, rearing, and overwintering habitat for anadromous and resident fish species o Restore storage capacity (water, substrates, and detritus) of the selected streams to levels more closely expected with unaltered systems in the Coast Range. • Establish a connection between past small scale restoration efforts • Maintain a network of organizations, stakeholders, and individuals who will participate in watershed restoration efforts. Widened channel floodplain from newly derived gravel, side channel formation / channel alteration (with more sinuosity), and additional scour pools were observed throughout the structure sites we monitored since the project implementation from high water events. Especially, the amount of gravel that was delivered to the project reaches and the degree to which they were sorted in large concentration directly adjacent to the helicopter structures was far more prominent than what we have observed in previous years from other helicopter projects.

Purpose: The purpose of the project was to restore anadromous fish habitat in 11 miles of streams in the Indian Creek drainage.

Time Period of Content:
Geographic Extent: Rogers, Gibson, Maria, WF Indian, NF Indian, and Taylor Creeks - central Oregon coast, Indian watershed
Status: Final
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