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MetaData for Upper Sprague Watershed Assessment

Upper Sprague Watershed Assessment

Identification Information

Originator: Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation
Publish Date: June 2007
Online Link: None
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
Name: Ashley Seim
Job Position: Web Specialist
Telephone: 503-986-0186
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: The insight that soil, water and vegetation interact dynamically to produce watershed conditions has led to two principles that have informed the content of this document. First is the importance of basing our restoration and/or our management planning on site-specific conditions, rather than on generalized judgments about conditions at the watershed scale. While watershed-scale statements and analyses are very important for context and for the “big picture,” any actual on-the-ground actions must be rooted in analysis of the actual conditions on the site in question. Second is the importance of focusing on “trend over time,” rather than on static “snapshots” of watershed conditions. The snapshot approach to assessment of conditions compels the analyst or resource manager to make “black or white” determinations about whether or not a given site is acceptable. Focusing on trend over time, on the other hand, allows the resource managers to determine whether fundamental processes are in place that will produce a stable -- but dynamic -- landscape over the long term.
Time Period of Content:
Geographic Extent: Upper Sprague and Sycan River Watersheds, Klamath Basin
Status: Final
Use Constraints:
Format: PDF
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File Name File Type Category File Uploaded
Upper Sprague WS Assessment.pdf Document File 1/27/2010 9:14:11 AM

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