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MetaData for Deer Creek Watershed Assessment and Action Plan

Deer Creek Watershed Assessment and Action Plan

Identification Information

Originator: Umpqua Basin Watershed Council
Publish Date: April 2002
Online Link:
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Watershed Councils
Name: Bob Kinyon
Job Position: Executive Director
Telephone: (541) 673-5756
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: The Deer Creek Watershed Assessment and Action Plan was prepared for the Umpqua Basin Watershed Council (UBWC), which is organized to address issues of water quality and fish habitat in accordance with the Oregon Salmon Plan. The Umpqua Basin Watershed Council is a non-profit organization, which represents interest groups of agriculture, livestock, timber, aggregates, construction, mining, fishing, recreation, conservation, cities, special districts, public utilities, and the county. Council members are working toward effective, efficient, and realistic management solutions for clean water and healthy, native fish populations. As a part of these efforts, the Watershed Council is conducting watershed assessments and defining action plans for the watersheds of the Umpqua Basin. Topics include watershed description, past and current conditions, process of the watershed assessment and action plan, ecoregions, fish of the Deer Creek Watershed, timeline of selected events and vegetation observations, historical vegetation, resident interviews: historical information, historical fish observations, current conditions, stream function, stream morphology – fish habitat, connectivity – passage barriers, stream meandering – modification, riparian zone function and composition, wetland attributes, stream and riparian associated wildlife, water quality, sediment, temperature, nutrients, dissolved oxygen, pH, toxics, bacteria, habitat modification, water quantity and availability, flashiness of the system – flooding, fish, future conditions including residential, industrial, and urban growth, strategy, and action plan with summary of action recommendations, enhancement activities, and outreach programs.
Purpose: The purpose of this Watershed Assessment is to document the history and current status of water quality and stream conditions for fish habitat, understand the processes that affect these conditions, and discover enhancement opportunities to improve water quality and fish habitat. The purpose of an Action Plan is to provide a reference list of activities and locations thereof designed to improve water quality and fish habitat in the watershed, recommend future data collection needs, and determine opportunities for objective-based landowner training and education programs, and identify resources to support voluntary or grant-funded actions.
Time Period of Content:
Geographic Extent: The Deer Creek Watershed described in this document includes all areas draining into Deer Creek, which is slightly larger than that defined by the US Geological Survey, and near Roseburg, Oregon
Status: Complete
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Format: PDF file
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DeerCkUmpq_WSC.pdf Document File 2/22/2005 3:40:57 PM

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