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Fish Transport Permit
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Welcome to the Fish Transport Permit page

A Fish Transport Permit is required to transport, hold or release live fish, eggs or marine invertebrates. Some exceptions apply. For the complete description of Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) for Fish Transport, refer to OAR 635-007-0600 through 635-007-0625. Transport permits are required under the following conditions:

  • Transport of live fish, eggs or marine invertebrates between facilities.
  • Transport of live fish, eggs, or marine invertebrates to an Oregon facility from a waterbody (see special conditions under Marine Species).
  • Release of live fish, eggs, or marine invertebrates to a waterbody in the state of Oregon, including the ocean.

You must obtain a Fish Transport Permit before transporting live fish, eggs or marine invertebrates. Repeat shipments between facilities may be eligible for coverage under a single permit. Separate transport permits are required for each release site.

Health Certification Requirement

If you are applying for a Fish Transport Permit for animals originating outside of Oregon, you will need to obtain fish health information from your supplier prior to obtaining a Fish Transport Permit. Click here for further information. Please allow up to 10 days for permit processing time.

Freshwater Species Contact

For transport of freshwater species, contact Gabe Garza at (503) 947-6389 or email

Marine Species Information

For transport of marine species, contact Arlene Merems, Marine Resources Program at (541) 961-5554 or email

  • Transport permits are not required for transporting commercial food fish species caught in Oregon commercial fisheries, for commercial food fish purposes.
  • The transport of marine species collected under the ODFW Scientific Take Permit does not require this Transport Permit, however, any subsequent transport of those species would require a Transport Permit.

User Accounts and Application Information

New Users: To request an online account please download and complete the Fish Transport Permit New Account form and return it to Gabe Garza at

Existing users: Enter your user name and password in the left sidebar, then click the 'Applications' tab to get started.

Fee: Each transport permit issued is $14, payable online once your application has been approved. Submit your application here.

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