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ODFW is currently rebuilding the R&E Grant Application Website into a complete grant management website. This redevelopment will be phased in during the 2015 to 2017 time period. On occasion the system will be locked for editing as we deploy updates. Our goal is to have the system open and able to accept applications at least three weeks prior to each application deadline. Please note if you start an application during an earlier cycle you may need to go back and update or redo information based on subsequent modifications.

After considering our options and the issues of the existing system we decided that using live beta testing was the best approach. We plan to clean up the application form and improve the user experience, during this beta stage we are looking for your feedback to help us make these improvements. We want to know your opinions and comments, including:

  1. Is the application easier to fill out?
  2. Are the questions and responses clear and understandable?
  3. Are the questions relevant?
  4. What would you improve or did not work for you?
  5. What worked well?

While we have an idea of what the final system will look like, we want to build a system that works for both the applicant and ODFW. As things are developed we invite you to provide feedback on design, function, and content. Please let us know how we can make things better.

If you are a new user, click here to register an account with our system.  If you are an existing user, log in and click the 'My Applications' tab to get started.

NOTE: If you are having trouble logging in, please check the format of your username.  For most users, your USERNAME will be in the following format:



  1. Applicants complete an electronic R&E application form (located at This becomes the “Project Proposal”. Applicants will need to provide a description of the proposed project, the work to be undertaken, the benefits provided to recreational and/or commercial fisheries, a detailed budget, and any other pertinent information.

    1. It is important that your proposal be written so that it can stand alone on its own merit during the review process. The Project Proposal Information Packet is provided to assist in preparing a complete and sufficient application.

    2. An ODFW fish biologist in the project area is generally included as a staff reviewer for a given proposal. It is therefore important for applicants to consult local ODFW staff when developing a proposal in order to work out any problems at this level before submission (although this does not guarantee funding). Click here to find contact information for your local ODFW District Biologist.

    3. While not required, in many cases it is advisable to contact the R&E Board member closest to you to discuss the proposal. This is especially helpful for complex projects, projects that are difficult to describe the connection to the intent of RE or angler benefit, or any project that may be controversial.

  2. Applicants submit the project proposal. The electronic application and all supporting materials must be submitted (mail, fax, or hand delivery) to the R&E Program Coordinator, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem, Oregon 97302 by 5:00 PM on the day of the application deadline in order to be included in a given review cycle. Electronic submission of proposals is preferred; however in certain cases a paper application may be requested.

  3. Application processing (approximately 6 months). The timeframe between the R&E application deadline and the availability of funds for approved projects is approximately 6 months. This review timeframe must be allowed for in the project’s proposed starting application deadline. The process is composed of various review steps outlined below. The current deadlines for these steps is available at

    1. Completeness Review. Within a week after the deadline applications will be reviewed by R&E staff for completeness. The applicant will be notified if additional information is needed. The applicant will be given five working days to provide this information or the application will be deemed incomplete and removed from consideration for that cycle.

    2. Internal Review. Complete proposals are reviewed approximately 30-45 days after the deadline by an ODFW review team. Proposals are reviewed to ensure they are consistent with the intent of the Act, use of appropriate methods, are biologically sound, are consistent with local land use plans, consistent with Department policies or management plans, and contain sufficient information for adequate review.

      1. Typically, applicants will be notified by e-mail within a week of the results of the internal review.

      2. Projects that do not meet the above criteria will be removed from further consideration for that cycle.

      3. The applicant will receive a sheet that contains:
        • Project scores based on 3 criteria; Overall score, application/project sufficiency, and relevance to R&E mission. Please note these scores are developed independently and are not a project ranking.
        • Summarized and specific comments from the review team.

      4. Applicants will have approximately two weeks to respond in writing to the review team comments. These review team comments and applicant responses will be added to the application and sent to the R&E Board.

      5. Depending on the results of the internal review applicants can choose to withdraw the proposal from the current cycle in order to address the comments before the proposal is reviewed by the R&E Board.

    3. R&E Board Review. R&E Board members are sent proposals and ODFW rankings and comments 2-3 weeks prior to R&E Board meetings, which are open to applicants and the public. At the meetings, Board members discuss projects and decide which projects (or parts of projects), and with what conditions (if any), to recommend to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission for approval. The Board reviews projects for consistency with fish management program objectives and for their contribution to recreational and/or commercial fisheries. Applicants or other members of the public may make brief statements regarding any project. Applicant presentations typically outline the project, its value, and responses to any known concerns. Although not required, applicants are encouraged to attend the Board meetings to answer any questions the Board might have. If unable to attend the meetings, it is a good idea for applicants to be available by phone in case the Board has any questions. Within about 2 weeks following the meeting applicants will be notified of the outcome of the R&E Board review. The outcome includes:

      1. Recommend - Proposals recommended by the R&E Board will be brought before the Commission final approval. Proposals may be recommended for partial funding or with conditions.

      2. Deny (not recommend) - Projects not recommended by the R&E Board will be removed from further consideration and will not be brought before the Commission. Please note a denial is without prejudice. This means if you revise the project or address the Boards concerns you can reapply during a later cycle.

      3. Table – In certain cases when the board is not able to make a decision the action may be tabled. This typically occurs when there are unanswered questions, unresolved issues, or lack of sufficient funding for a project that might otherwise be funded. Applicants have two cycles to resolve the issues and bring the proposal back to the board, or the application will be administratively withdrawn.

    4. Fish and Wildlife Commission Review. Approximately 45-60 days following the R&E Board meeting, R&E staff will present the recommended projects before the Commission for final approval. Projects are only funded if they are both recommended by the R&E Board and approved by the Commission. Commission meetings are public meetings where applicants or other members of the public may make brief statements regarding a project or board recommendation. Written comments may also be sent or delivered to the Commission. Typically, the Commission follows R&E Board recommendations and applicants do not make presentations. However, applicants are welcome to attend and be available to answer questions.

  4. Applicants notified of Commission’s decision. Successful applicants will be sent a grant agreement within about two weeks after the Commission meeting.

  5. Applicants read and sign agreement. The agreement and enclosed information should be carefully read in order for the grantee (i.e., successful applicant) to understand the grant requirements, especially since some projects may be funded in part rather than as originally proposed. The agreement will include terms and conditions of project approval and funding commitments. The applicant is responsible for obtaining all local, state, or federal permits required for the project before grant funds will be awarded.

  6. Spend money. Once the agreement has been signed by the applicant and returned to R&E program staff you may begin to accrue charges toward the grant.

    1. R&E Funds and grants are managed on the state biennium. This means that funding runs from July 1 of an odd year until June 30 of the next odd year. All expenses, receipts, funds requests, and completion records must occur and be in hand of the R&E program prior to June 30th.

    2. R&E is a reimbursement based grant program and does not provide up front funding. When you are ready to claim partial of complete reimbursement please submit the provided request for funds form. Please note that payment processing may take up to 45 days once a request is received.

    3. We recognize that not all entities may have the capital to cover the initial outlay; while our options are limited we may be able to accommodate your situation. If this is an issue please discuss the options with R&E staff prior to undertaking the project.

    4. 10% of project funds are held back until project completion reporting has been completed.

  7. Project Completion Reporting. It is very important to submit the project completion report as soon after you are done spending R&E funds as possible. You do not need to wait until the larger project, of which R&E is a component, is completed before you submit the report. The Board does appreciate the larger reports even if submitted at a later date. The project completion report is used to determine when you are done spending R&E funds and close out the grant. Any unspent funds are made available to fund subsequent project requests.


Any of the Department's District Fish Biologists or STEP Biologists can provide assistance to project applicants.

Any questions regarding the R&E program or requests can be directed to R&E staff:

R&E Program Coordinator R&E Program Assistant
ODFW, Fish Division ODFW, Fish Division
4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE    4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302 Salem, OR 97302
P: (503) 947-6232 P: (503) 947-6211
F: (503) 947-6202 F: (503) 947-6202

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