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As part of the OWEB-sponsored Watershed Council Data Management Support Project, data management tools are now available. After looking at all types of data the Watershed Councils across the state of Oregon sent us, and surveys conducted by other agencies (such as ODFW, BLM, and USFS), we have created data templates as Access databases and Excel spreadsheets for the most commonly conducted surveys. The templates contain “Core Data Elements” that we propose each type of survey collect to be complete, useful over time, and comparable with datasets collected by state and federal agencies.

Data Categories Excel Templates and Instructions Access Templates and Instructions

Spawning Surveys (like ODFW)

Excel Spawning Survey Template
Excel Spawning Survey Instructions

Access Spawning Survey Template (1)
Access Spawning Survey Instructions (1)

Electro-Fishing Surveys

Excel E-Fishing Survey Template
Excel E-Fishing Survey Instructions

Access Electro-Fishing Survey Template
Access E-Fishing Survey Instructions

Fish Trapping

Excel Fish Trapping Template
Excel Fish Trapping Instructions

Access Fish Trapping Template
Access Fish Trapping Instructions

Snorkel Surveys

Excel Snorkel Survey Template
Excel Snorkel Survey Instructions

Access Snorkel Survey Template
Access Snorkel Survey Instructions

Spawning Ground Surveys (DRAFT) - including individual redd and fish measurements

no Excel templates 

Access Spawning Survey Template (2) 
Access Spawning Survey Instructions (2)

Click to download the LLIDStream table. This table holds unique Oregon stream routes and contains some routes that pass through lakes and reservoirs. After pasting the LLIDStream table in an Access template, you can use it to find additional information (such as LLID, stream miles and tributary to) about the stream you are conducting surveys on. This table is large and may take some time to download.

At this time we have discontinued our habitat (aquatic inventory) survey templates due to difficulties in combining data types from different survey protocols.

Our templates require location information in the form of latitude and longitude in decimal degrees. If your data is collected in another form, these two sites will assist you in converting your data to latitude and longitude: the Geographic/UTM Coordinate Converter will convert from UTMs to lat/long; the Graphical Locater Home Page provides "an aid for acquiring and refining location data and related measures."

If a file is too large for you to view and/or download, you have any questions, comments, or are in need of assistance please contact us.

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