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  1. Applicants complete an electronic R&E application form (located at which becomes the “Project Proposal”. Applicants will need to provide a description of the proposed project, the work to be undertaken, the benefits provided to recreational and/or commercial fisheries, a detailed budget, and any other pertinent information. An ODFW fish biologist in the project area is generally included as a staff reviewer for a given proposal. It is therefore important for applicants to consult local ODFW staff when developing a proposal in order to work out any problems at this level before submission (although this does not guarantee funding). Click here to find contact information for your local ODFW District Biologist.

  2. Applicants submit the project proposal. The electronic application and all supporting materials must be submitted (mail, fax, or hand delivery) to the R&E Program Coordinator, 3406 Cherry Ave NE, Salem, Oregon 97303 by 5:00 PM on the day of the application deadline in order to be included in a given review cycle. While staff prefer you submit your proposal electronically, paper application copies are available upon request.

  3. Applicants need to realize that the timeframe between the R&E application deadline and the availability of funds for approved projects is approximately 6 months. This review timeframe must be allowed for in the project’s proposed starting application deadline.

  4. Once received, proposals will be reviewed by R&E staff for completeness. If additional information is needed, five working days will be given to the applicant to provide this information.

  5. Once all of the complete proposals are received for a given review cycle, they will be reviewed in a three-part process. Proposals that are inconsistent with the intent of the Act, use inappropriate methods, are not biologically sound, are inconsistent with local land use plans, or violate Department policies or management plans will be disqualified.

    1. ODFW Staff. The first review is a scoring on a scale of 1-5 with regard to technical merit and agency policies. Applicants are notified of the ODFW scoring (0-1 = do not support, 2-3 = some concern but worthy of further discussion, and 4-5 = recommend funding) and comments. Applicants have the option of responding in person or in writing to ODFW comments during the next step in the review process, which culminates in an R&E Board meeting. Applicants may also withdraw the proposal from consideration before review by the R&E Board if serious concerns are found. At this point, proposals may not be revised. The ODFW ranking and comments are provided to the R&E Board.

    2. R&E Board. R&E Board members are sent proposals and ODFW rankings and comments 2-3 weeks prior to R&E Board meetings, which are open to applicants and the public. At the meetings, Board members discuss projects and decide which projects (or parts of projects), and with what conditions (if any), to recommend to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission for approval. The Board reviews projects for consistency with fish management program objectives and for their contribution to recreational and/or commercial fisheries. Applicants or other members of the public may make brief statements regarding any project. Applicant presentations typically outline the project, its value, and responses to any known concerns. Although not required, applicants are highly encouraged to attend the Board meetings to at least answer any questions the Board might have. If unable to attend the meetings, it is a good idea for applicants to be available by phone in case the Board has any questions.

    3. Fish and Wildlife Commission. Projects recommended by the R&E Board are brought before the Commission by R&E staff for final approval. Projects are only funded if they are both recommended by the R&E Board and approved by the Commission. Commission meetings are public meetings where applicants or other members of the public may make brief statements regarding any project. Written comments may also be sent or delivered to the Commission. Typically, the Commission follows R&E Board recommendations and applicants do not make presentations. It is a good idea for applicants to attend Commission meetings to be available to answer any questions R&E staff are unable to answer.

  6. All applicants will be notified of the R&E Board’s or Commission’s decision after the meeting. Successful applicants will be sent a grant agreement several weeks after the Commission meeting. The agreement and enclosed information should be carefully read in order for the grantee (i.e., successful applicant) to understand the grant requirements, especially since some projects may be funded in part rather than as originally proposed. The agreement will include terms and conditions of project approval and funding commitments. The applicant is responsible for obtaining all local, state, or federal permits required for the project before grant funds will be awarded.


Any of the Department's District Fish Biologists or STEP Biologists can provide assistance to project applicants.

Any questions regarding the R&E program or requests can be directed to R&E staff:

R&E Program Coordinator R&E Program Assistant
ODFW, Fish Division ODFW, Fish Division
4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE    4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302 Salem, OR 97302
P: (503) 947-6232 P: (503) 947-6211
F: (503) 947-6202 F: (503) 947-6202

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