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Restoration And Enhancement

Note: The following table lists only approved projects.

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 2007- 2008 North Coast Spring Chinook Assessment
 2009 Little Deschutes River Boat Launch Project
 2010 Kids Fish Camp at Camp Angelos
 2011 Kids Fish Camp at Camp Angelos
 2013 Fish Camp at Camp Angelos
 2013 Northeast Oregon Spring Chinook Creel Surveys
 2015 NE Oregon Rotenone Treatments
 4 H Center Pond Aerator
 7th Street Fishing Pond Access Enhancement
 Accessible Dock For Physically Disabled
 Adair Pond Fishing Access Platform
 Adair Pond Water Control Structure
 Adult Salmon Holding Pond
 Alder Creek Fish Barrier removal
 Aldrich Ponds Fishing Enhancement Project
 Alsea Hatchery Angler Parking Area
 Alsea Hatchery Feeder Replacement
 Alsea Hatchery Incubation Effluent Diversion
 Alsea Hatchery Liberation Truck
 Alsea Hatchery Maintenance Building Restoration
 Alsea Hatchery Restoration Bundle
 Alsea Hatchery Spawning Building Restoration
 Alsea River Missouri Bend Park Boat Slide Repair
 Alsea River Winter Steelhead Research Project
 Alsea River Winter Steelhead Research Project
 Alsea Steelhead Acoustic Tagging Project
 Alsea winter steelhead project
 Alsea Winter Steelhead Project Phase II
 Ames Creek Fish Passage Restoration
 Ana Reservoir Hybrid Bass Supplementation
 Ana River Improvement Project
 Analysis & Design Intake, Ladder & Trap FCHRC
 Angling and Fisheries Enhancement in NWWD
 Angling Enhancement in the Ochoco Mountain Area
 Assessing hatchery-wild hybridization in steelhead
 Astoria High School Fisheries Technology Program
 Auto Fish dual sorter upgrade
 Auto Fish Dual Sorter Upgrade #2
 Bandon Hatchery Adult Holding Pens
 Bandon Hatchery Repair and Maintenance Bundle
 Beck-Kiwanis Pond Warmwater Fishery Rehabilitation
 Big Butte Creek Gravel Augmentation Pilot Project
 Big Butte Creek Spring Chinook Habitat Enhancement
 Big Creek Hatchery Maintenance Bundle
 Big Creek Hatchery New Tractor
 Big Creek Hatchery Valve Replacement
 Big Creek Monitoring and Assessment Project
 Bilger Creek Restoration
 Bird Netting Structure
 Black Rockfish PIT Tagging
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